Why I Hate And Love Golf

Golf is stupid. But then it’s wonderful. And then it’s stupid again.

It’s stupid because it is very, very difficult to play well. Most people can’t even swing a club properly. And then most people who do swing it properly don’t make good contact with the ball. And then most people who do make good contact with the ball don’t actually hit it where it’s supposed to go. Seriously, there are so many invariables with the game that it can be maddening.

But then, every so often, the heavens align, and everything comes together. Good swing. Good contact. Good location. On the green in two. When that happens, you feel like Tiger Woods from 10 years ago. I. Am. The. Man. Fist pump.

But wait, now it’s time to putt. Three strokes later, and I still have a square on my scorecard.

It’s OK though. I get to try again at the next hole.