My Dog Doesn’t Walk Me

We are now the proud owners of a 5lb puppy named Lola (she was a showgirl, but now she’s converted since I’m a Pastor). Lola is a mix between a shitzu and a bichon. She’s hypo-alergenic.

One pet peeve I have is when people let their dogs walk them instead of walking their dogs. Do you know what I’m talking about? Every time the dog wants to stop, the owner just stands there waiting for it. Every leaf it wants to sniff, every tree it wants to christen, every deposit it wants to make, there’s the chief of God’s creation standing there watching their 7-lb hairball do its bidding.

That will not be me.

I give a loud “SHHHH” with a firm tug on the dog whenever she tries to walk me (she has a harness so it doesn’t hurt her, but it does hurl her at times). And since Lola is only 5lbs., I don’t have to stop walking. So I don’t. It hasn’t taken her long to figure out that when we go for a walk, I mean business.

Lola is a really cool part of God’s creation. But she is a dog, and I am a human. And I intend for both of us to act like it.┬áThe world needs more dog owners that walk their dog instead of letting their dog walk them.